A recording studio forrecordingmixingmasteringsoundideasand much more!

Recording Studio Mixing Mastering Creative Workshop Vocalcoaching

If you have ideas, you need a place to implement them! This artist takes on Studeeo with his Herztreu label: from the implementation of the first ideas to worldwide publication!


We have 2 recording rooms for singing, guitar, brass and strings in small groups. We realize larger recording sessions in rented studio rooms:

We take the time to let songs grow and to finish projects.
  • Well over 20 years of studio experience,
  • Technical sound engineer
  • HOFA PRO Audio Engineer
  • Mastering-Engineer
  • Estill Voice Coach


We have the highest quality standards and work with the best microphones, preamplifiers, converters and cables.

Vovox, Neumann, Universal Audio, Dangerous Music, Apple, AVALON, Neve, SSL, Apogee, Brauner, AKG, Manley, Bowers & Wilkins, Bricasti

We even have our own power supply for sound results at the highest level.


For the recording and mixing as well as the creative areas we use the classic DAW's like

ProTools & Logic, but above all Ableton Live and Cubase. With all popular plugins from UAD, Waves, Native Instruments, Sonnox, SSL and much more.

We achieve modern sound and appropriate loudness through analog SSL summation and final digital conversion with the perfect devices from Dangerous Music. Mixing and mastering go hand in hand.